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Measurement Strategy

Understanding your business goals across digital properties to distill them into KPIs & Metrics is the cornerstone of a solid framework that leverages the value of data to its maximum potential. With no strategy, you may have some quick wins, but no long term success. It's that simple!

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Technical Implementation & Data Acquisition

Advanced Enterprise implementation of data collection solutions like Google Analytics 360 via tools like Tealium or Google Tag Manager. Spot the different data sources your company already owns (like CRMs or Booking Systems) and break those silos to get a wider vision and uncover opportunities.

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Data Transformation, ETL

Big Data is not scary anymore, but in a scenario with large quantities of data, from many sources and different nature, ETL is required to blend, transform, simplify and make available for the many data consumers in your organization to analyze or report upon.

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Automated Dashboards

Often times, companies waste a remarkable amount of their resources by extracting data manually from different tools, merging and making sense of data to finally create reports or dashboards on a weekly or monthly basis. Avoid wasting precious time by connecting ETL pipelines to your favorite visualization tool.

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Analysis & Insights

We have our data wrangled and dashboards automated. Are we done yet? Not even close. The real potential of data comes from analysis and our ability to make actionable recommendations to improve every aspect of your business.

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Governance & Education

Data democratization is a must, but who really has access to your data? More importantly, who shouldn't? Monitoring access regularly will prevent bigger issues. The more Data democratization across your company or institution, the more mature the measurement culture should be. What are your efforts to achieve that maturity? Education is key.

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Companies I have helped

  • VMware Cloud
  • Google Cloud
  • Electronic Arts
  • Expedia
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Agencies I have collaborated with

  • Bancroft Digital
  • Demystified
  • Cardinal Path
  • Analytics Pros

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I would love to know what are the problems preventing your organization from getting the best of its data.

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